TrustRise V2

TrustRise V2 is a game of trust and solidarity, this is where the “trust” in TrustRise V2 originates from. TrustRise V2 is based on a principle called dynamic tokenomics within the smart contract.

Contract Address:

V2 live on PancakeSwap

Recap: TrustRise V1

The TrustRise DeFi game was one of its kind, a pioneer and set the bar for new on-chain games. TrustRise had a nice run, let’s take a look back into TrustRise’s past.

300% in 48 hours

After the presale finalized and TrustRise was listed on pancakeswap it only took 13 hours to list on major crypto tracking sites such as coinmarketcap and coingecko.

This resulted in a rapid growth of the TrustRise community and created a significant amount of exposure for TrustRise.

Biggest Gainer

When market conditions were rough, TrustRise prevailed and even reached #3 on the biggest gainers list on CoinMarketCap!

This is a good indication of how strong the TrustRise community is and that the marketing had a great positive price impact.

TrustRise v2 is aiming to surpass v1!

Marketing Potential

Trustrise V1 has already attracted a large audience through its initial marketing plan. TrustRise V2 aims to grow an even larger audience by targeting new audiences creating even more awareness about TrustRise.

Listings on major crypto tracking sites will help in attracting new investors and will be one of the main priorities during the launch of TrustRise V2. 

TrustRise V2

TrustRise V2 will also be an on-chain DeFi game that will coexist with the original TrustRise V1. However, the concept of TrustRise V2 is completely different. TrustRise V2 will implement the element of luck/ randomization into its tokenomics. The element of luck will be implemented by introducing “the wheels of fortune”. In total there will be 3 wheels of fortune, each giving their own unique twist to the overall outcome.

Every 2 days, at a 7PM UTC, the wheels of fortune will be spun LIVE on the TrustRise website. Wherever these Wheels of Fortune land upon will decide the tokenomics for the coming 2 days. The outcome can always be found on the website and will also be announced on all the TrustRise social media platforms.

Wheel 1

The first wheel of fortune will decide which part of the tokenomics will increase/ decrease. The wheel consists of 3 possible outcomes: prizepool, redistribution and buyback.

Wheel 2

The second wheel will determine whether the result will apply to buying, selling or both. Meaning that for the second wheel there are also 3 possibilities.

Wheel 3

The third and final wheel will determine the change in percentage for the outcome of the first and second wheel of fortune. More is explained below.

The third wheel will have 8 possible outcomes: -1%, -2%,-3%,-5%,+1%,+2%,+3% and +5%. These percentages will determine whether the change in tokenomics will increase or decrease.

In total there will be 72 possible outcomes that will change the tokenomics for 2 days.

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