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Wheel 1

The first wheel of fortune will decide which part of the tokenomics will increase/ decrease. The wheel consists of 3 possible outcomes: prizepool, redistribution and buyback.

Wheel 2

The second wheel will determine whether the result will apply to buying, selling or both. Meaning that for the second wheel there are also 3 possibilities.

Wheel 3

The third and final wheel will determine the change in percentage for the outcome of the first and second wheel of fortune. More is explained below.

The third wheel will have 8 possible outcomes: -1%, -2%,-3%,-5%,+1%,+2%,+3% and +5%. These percentages will determine whether the change in tokenomics will increase or decrease.

In total there will be 72 possible outcomes that will change the tokenomics for 2 days.

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